Platform features

CD’s platform offers familiar social media features such as posting, liking, sharing, and chatting.  In line comments redefines how discourse flows around shared content.  Explore subjects in topical hives and develop a writing practice through journaling.



Explores all kinds of interesting subjects in CD's topical hives.  Democracy, Social Entrepreneurism, Social Movements, Poetry, Lyrics & Rhymes, Food for Thought, City Beat are a sampling of the kind of interesting content you can find.   Our Contributor Collective of super smart and interesting subject matter experts share content through their own lens. Organizational hives makes it easy for classes and groups to gather online to to collaborate, discuss and prepare for IRL activities.  



Citizen Discourse’s online platform is designed to support in real life “salons.”  Salons bring people with diverse perspectives together to practice the art of civil conversation on topics of the day.  Want to start a salon on your campus?  Become a Citizen Discourse member.



Writing helps sort out thoughts, feelings and ideas.  We believe it's a noble practice and CD invites our members to use their journal to express and share.  CD’s daily writing prompts inspire members to write and share ideas.  Badges incentivize contribution.