My writing challenge. #writingmywayfor66days

Why, for some of us, is writing such a labor of love?  We want to do it.  We know it is good for us.  Yet, something incredibly difficult to articulate holds us back. 

Anything other than writing. 

 As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Focusing on writing.  Shutting out the noise.  Closing out tabs.  No distractions.  But there it is again.  My mind eagerly courting anything that can distract me from my writing.

Why, oh why is writing so difficult? 

In those magical moments when my noisy mind quiets, when there is nothing else permitted to distract, words flow through my fingertips.  Ideas bubble forward and a bridge allows access to my inner voice.  It feels amazing. This.  This is why I write.

People say, you can make or break a habit by doing or not doing it for 21 days straight. Conventional wisdom rebuked by science.  According to science, it can take, on average, 66 days to start a new habit or break one.  That can, of course, vary.   Considering I’m a fairly average person, I’m going to give myself 66-days to make writing a habit.  A practice, really.   Care to join me?  If so, simply substitute your name for mine and repeat the paragraph below.

I, Karen Gross, do hereby commit, on this the 21st day of August, 2016, to the practice of some kind of creative writing every day from now through October 26, 66 days from today.  I will choose not to be a harsh critic. I will let words flow.  I will not publish daily but I will share thoughts along the way. 

 After all, as the poet Naomi Shihab Nye shared on one of my favorite podcasts, On Being, “very rarely do you hear anyone say they write things down and feel worse.  It is an act that helps you, preserves you, energizes you in the very act of doing it.”

One day down.   

Karen Gross