Citizen Discourse Contributor Collective

A collective is a group of individuals that are motivated by common interests and work together to achieve a common objective.

Citizen Discourse's Collective shares a common interest in helping our next generation be as prepped as possible to be caring global and local community members.  We play a role in  offering the Citizen Discourse community good information and ideas that contribute to civil society.

Know someone awesome who may be a good fit for the Contributor Collective? 

We seek story tellers, thinkers, makers, writers, justice seekers.

Contributor Guidelines


Educators & Academics

Michela Ardizzoni, CU Boulder Media Studies

Nathan Schneider, CU Boulder Media Studies

Mary Murphy, IU Bloomington, Dep. of Psychological and Brain Science

Kyle Hirsch, Rangeview High, Aurora




Journalists & Media

Emily Ramshaw, Editor-in-Chief, Texas Tribune

Sara Robertson, Vice President- Production & Technology, KLRU-PBS


Subject matter experts + Creatives

Meta Sarmiento, poet & rapper

Rachel Jamail, Director of Global Brand Marketing, Spredfast

Nathaan Demers, VP & Director of Clinical Programs, Grit Digital Health


Nonprofit & Community leaders

Brandon Kelley, The Midas Touch Movement Club

Taryn Fuchs, Conflict Center

Brandon Mond, organizer and pursuer of justice 

Christopher Ervin, Criminal Justice reformer

Jason Stanford, Communications Director, Mayor of Austin

Tiffany Tasker, Intern, Financial Economic and Education Transformation

Timothy Folsom, Executive Director, Generation Inspiration