College and career preparation

We believe that by accessing ideas and information from  diverse points of view,  members may develop appreciation for nuance and discernment, explore new interests and develop greater empathy.  Our goal is to enhance the communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills of our members so they can show up as responsible and engaged community members.   


Contributor Collective

Subject matter experts, creatives, journalists, community leaders contribute ideas that fuel discourse and invite critical thinking.  

Grow your network + amplify your impact.

Pursue collaborations with other expert contributors. Mentor the next generation.

Nominate a Contributor.

Check out our growing list of Contributors here.  


Connect with young people near and far.

Express yourself. Be the author of your own story.

Develop your portfolio of ideas and expression.

Prepare to excel in college and the workforce.

Meet some of our student Ambassadors. 


Invite innovation.  Improve collaboration.

Host a classroom hive.

Build community:  connect with other educators and expert contributors and stay current on topics of interest.