a movement towards a kinder, better informed, and more engaged society.

Citizen Discourse is a youth-focused online community for conversation on the things that matter. 


Citizen Discourse bridges silos.

Through storytelling, Citizen Discourse humanizes those with different perspectives.

A virtual civil space for young people to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Here, writing returns as a valued way of communicating. We talk through the issues of the day civilly with people from different perspectives. At times we agree, at times we disagree. Respect provides a foundation for civil conversation.

To offer young people a better tool for online engagement, Citizen Discourse designed a platform with an intentional commitment to disrupt the incivility entrenched in existing social media

70% of Americans consider incivility to be at crisis levels

64% of Americans say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events

68% of teachers report existing digital tools induce short cuts and lack of effort

63% of Americans blame social media

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Citizen Discourse brings together students, educators and subject matter experts

Citizen Discourse offers young people a more thoughtful social media experience. Foundational to this community is our version of a social contract. The Kindness Contract reflects our commitment to be kinder and more intentional in our discourse.  It is every individual's promise to the collective community to try to be better.

Membership in Citizen Discourse is open to young adults 14+



Meta Sarmiento explains the Citizen Discourse Kindness Contract.


College and career preparation

We believe that by accessing ideas and information from  diverse points of view,  members may develop appreciation for nuance and discernment, explore new interests and develop greater empathy.  Our goal is to enhance the communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills of our members so they can show up as responsible and engaged community members.   


Contributor Collective

Subject matter experts, creatives, journalists, community leaders contribute ideas that fuel discourse and invite critical thinking.  

Grow your network + amplify your impact.

Pursue collaborations with other expert contributors. Mentor the next generation.

Nominate a Contributor.

Check out our growing list of Contributors here.  


Connect with young people near and far.

Express yourself. Be the author of your own story.

Develop your portfolio of ideas and expression.

Prepare to excel in college and the workforce.

Meet some of our student Ambassadors. 


Invite innovation.  Improve collaboration.

Host a classroom hive.

Build community:  connect with other educators and expert contributors and stay current on topics of interest. 


*CD believes that big change happens when partners align. Keep up with our growing list of community partners.  We are just getting started.


Participating pilot high schools:

  • Rangeview High School, Aurora, Co

  • Ann Richards School, Real Talk club, Austin, Texas

  • Westlake High Debate, Westlake, Tx

  • Bethesda Chevy Chase High, Bethesda, Md


Platform features

CD’s platform offers familiar social media features such as posting, liking, sharing, and chatting.  In line comments redefines how discourse flows around shared content.  Explore subjects in topical hives and develop a writing practice through journaling.



Explores all kinds of interesting subjects in CD's topical hives.  Democracy, Social Entrepreneurism, Social Movements, Poetry, Lyrics & Rhymes, Food for Thought, City Beat are a sampling of the kind of interesting content you can find.   Our Contributor Collective of super smart and interesting subject matter experts share content through their own lens. Organizational hives makes it easy for classes and groups to gather online to to collaborate, discuss and prepare for IRL activities.  



Citizen Discourse’s online platform is designed to support in real life “salons.”  Salons bring people with diverse perspectives together to practice the art of civil conversation on topics of the day.  Want to start a salon on your campus?  Become a Citizen Discourse member.



Writing helps sort out thoughts, feelings and ideas.  We believe it's a noble practice and CD invites our members to use their journal to express and share.  CD’s daily writing prompts inspire members to write and share ideas.  Badges incentivize contribution.