disrupting the status quo

Creating Conversations That Matter.

Citizen Discourse provides a safe online and in-person space for young people to express themselves and engage in civil discourse so that we can create a kinder, better-informed, and more engaged society.

We Create Space For Mindful Writing & Dialogue

Today, we rely on social media platforms that are often superficial or hostile, leaving little opportunity for self-expression and engagement in conversations that matter.

Citizen Discourse is a kinder, safer, and more nurturing learning environment for young people to access their voice, improve critical thinking, strengthen emotional learning, define their purpose, and create cross-community connections among their peers and mentors, encouraging productive civic engagement and action-oriented positive change.

50% of Americans consider incivility to be at crisis levels

64% of Americans say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events

68% of teachers report existing digital tools induce short cuts and lack of effort

63% of Americans blame social media

Our Core Services

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Our skill building workshops support productive conversations in classrooms, conference rooms and at your dinner table through activities oriented around healthy communication.

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CD's innovative curriculum is designed to skill-build, encourage self-awareness and explore movements that move society forward through reflective writing and facilitated discussion.

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Our podcast seeks to spark conversation and build bridges while digging into the stories behind the people pursuing purpose.

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CD's online community is a learning space for young people to share ideas, improve critical thinking, strengthen emotional learning and create cross-community connections.




CD brings together students, teachers, and community ambassadors to engage in thoughtful dialogue.

CD’s Kindness Contract creates a foundation for our culture and values.

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